Sentimental Gifts for Mom

Looking for sentimental gifts for Mom?  Tell Mom just how much you love and appreciate her with one of these meaningful gifts!

United by Love Diamond Ring

Your mother will be moved by this gorgeous ring that celebrates the togetherness of her family.

The braided design of the sterling silver band is trimmed in 18K gold-plate, and it is the perfect symbol of the family's love woven together in strength and unity.

The names of up to 6 loved ones are elegantly engraved along the braids. Six genuine diamonds nested around the names add an extra sparkle to the presentation.

Inside the band is a touching sentiment expressing the family's bond. Your mother will want to wear this exquisite ring every day, and it is sure to become one of her favorites.

Mother and Daughter Heart Keepsake

The bond between a mother and daughter is unlike any other relationship in the family. Celebrate this bond by giving your mother this beautifully engraved, heart-shaped keepsake made from crystal-clear Lucite.

A heartwarming sentiment is perfectly etched on both sides of the piece so the words on one side seem to be gracefully floating among the words on the other side, thus producing a pleasing 3-dimensional effect.

At the bottom, you can personalize it with a closing sentiment and your name.

This stylish keepsake will have a special place in your mother's home, and she will treasure it forever.

My Family, My Joy Bracelet

Your mother will be thrilled by this beautiful bracelet that symbolizes the joy in her life, her beloved family.

The names of up to 6 loved ones are engraved on a silver-plated bead.

Each bead is paired with the loved one's birthstone along with other delicate beads embellished with tiny 18K gold-plated hearts.

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Our Family Memories Pillow

Choice of Colors

Celebrate all of your mother's favorite things with this lovely keepsake pillow. The family name is printed in large lettering at the top with the words "Love," "Memories," and "Good Times" artistically positioned on the pillow.

You can personalize it with eight lines of any text of your choosing.

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Personalized Photo Album with Poem

Photos of loved ones always warm the hearts of mothers. Create a special album of memories with this lovely personalized photo album.

The cover is made from fine alder wood that is delicately engraved with a tender poem that expresses your affections for your mother.

You can edit the poem or write your own verses for a truly personal expression from your heart.

You and your mother can relive happy moments as you create this beautiful book of memories together that will be cherished for generations to come.

Personalized Glass Bud Vase

This gorgeous crystal bud vase is the perfect way to express your love for your mother.

The vase can be customized with your own personal sentiments that are flawlessly laser-etched onto the heavy-weight glass.

Present this vase with a single stem of her favorite flower that gracefully adorns the display.

The elegance of this sentimental gift for Mom will delight your mother every time she sees it.

Close to Her Heart Personalized Blanket

Your mother will stay warm and cozy wrapped within her family's love.

This gorgeous personalized blanket is made of super-soft fleece - perfect for snuggling under while reading or watching TV!

Available in 5 different colors, the blanket features up to 21 names of loved ones are printed in a heart shaped design.

A Mother Holds Her Child’s Heart Birthstone Necklace

To a mother, each one of her children is a precious jewel. This elegant birthstone pendant is a beautiful expression of how her love embraces her children.

The round pendant plated in sterling silver is inlayed with a graceful heart-shaped window in glass. Encased inside the heart are up to 6 brilliant, heart-shaped birthstone crystals of the children.

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Personalized Heart Clock

A mother's love for her family has no end. Honor her timeless love with this exquisite heart-shaped clock in Lucite crystal.

A classic clock face with silver-tone trim graces the right side of the heart. The left side is finely etched with a heartfelt message in an elegant script.

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I Love You Mom Diamond Necklace

Every time you say "I love you" to your mother, her heart warms with joy. Surprise her with this gorgeous diamond pendant that expresses your timeless love for her.

This lovely heart-shaped pendant has a ribbon of three glittering diamonds curving gracefully down the middle.

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First Memories Canvas For Mom

Choice of Colors

Your mother will be moved to tears when you present her with this attractive wall canvas that expresses how much you love her.

The canvas is artistically designed with the heartwarming message, "A Mother Is Her Daughter's First Friend" .

Add your own personalization and name below the touching sentiment.

This lovely art canvas is a beautiful addition to the decor of your mother's home, and it will fill her heart with joy every time she sees it.

Angel Figurine with Birthstones

A mother never lets go of her love for her children. This elegant porcelain angel figurine is a tender representation of this everlasting love.

The angel holds a silvery chain between her outstretched arms where up to five delicate heart charms dangle sweetly.

Each charm is set with a dazzling crystal birthstone that glitters and sparkles in iridescent color.

The satiny front of the figurine is inscribed with a sentiment expressing a mother's love.

Your mother will treasure this magnificent angel figurine that will be a precious heirloom for the family.

Personalized Dear Mom Poem Keepsake

Your mother has done so much in loving and nurturing you. This stylishly sculpted Lucite keepsake is a lovely expression of your love and appreciation for all that she has done.

You can choose one of 9 beautifully worded poems that eloquently express the special qualities of your mother. If you prefer, you can write your own heartfelt verses that are sure to touch your mother's heart.

Your words will be beautifully engraved onto the gorgeous, crystal clear Lucite that will create a truly stunning memento that your mother will be proud to display.

To Mom With Love Canvas

This sentimental art canvas is a heartwarming tribute to your mother's devotion to her children. The canvas features an image of a beautiful white orchid in a graceful gold-tone flowerpot.

The stem of flowers delicately curves down to highlight an eloquent poem that celebrates the many things that a mother does for her children.

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Poem For Mom Jewelry Box

Your mother will love this gorgeous jewelry box where she can keep her favorite treasures.

The box is handcrafted from natural alder and features a felt-lined interior that protects her most delicate pieces of jewelry.

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Mom Poem Plaque

Your mother will be delighted with this personalized plaque made from tumbled stone.

The plaque features a touching poem that expresses your appreciation and love for your mother's devotion to you.

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Looking for sentimental gifts for Mom?  Thank Mom for all that she's done with you with one of these sweet gift ideas.  Perfect Mother's Day, Christmas or birthday gift that your mother will treasure forever!
Looking for sentimental gifts for Mom?  Thank Mom for everything that she's done with one of these meaningful gift ideas.  Perfect Mother's Day, Christmas or birthday gift that will always remind Mom of how much you love her.