10 Great DIY New Mom Gift Basket Ideas

Looking for fun and unique new mom gift basket ideas? Gift baskets for wonderful gifts for new moms - you can create a custom-made present that's full of luxury items, essentials, and some of your favorite items.

Mommy Survival Kit with Free Printable

How trendy are mason jar gifts this year? I love the free printable - being a new Mom is very stressful, so the reminder to enjoy these first days is wonderful.

Happy BIRTHDay Kit with Free Printable

Cute and affordable birthday kit is chock full of little treats that are perfect for using at the hospital, or in the first few days at home.

Breast Feeding Snack Station

This easy-to-make gift basket is both practical and fun! The new mom needs a lot of calories and hydration to feed that starving infant. You might want to add a book or magazine as well.

Favorite Baby Things with Printable Tags

When I was a new mom, one of the best gifts I received was a gift bag from a Mom who had 6 kids that was chock full of the things that she used most often when her babies were little.

Use your experience to create a Favorite Baby Things gift basket - it's a great way to give a little advice without nagging!

Hospital Survival Kit - Includes Pink, Blue, and Green Printables

The new mom can definitely use some pampering...especially while she's in the hospital!

There's a short list of recommended items to include at My Own Road - I would add in a few magazines as well.

Mommy Emergency Car Kit

It's always a great idea to keep a few spare baby necessities such as diapers and wipes in the car. This cute emergency car kit is sure to be a life-saver during those "I left the diaper bag at home" or "Who didn't restock the diaper bag?" moments.

Up All Night Survival Kit

There's bound to be some (hopefully very few) sleepless nights when there's an infant in the house.

Make the time a bit more pleasant with a cute Up All Night new mom gift basket!

Nesting Mama Gift Basket

Almost every new Mama "nests" just before the baby is born. She'll spend her time cleaning and organizing her home; getting everything ready for the baby's arrival.

She's sure to use all the practical goodies in this thoughtful gift basket then and after the baby comes home!

Jar Full of Joy Gift Basket and Chalkboard Printable

How adorable is this new mom mason jar gift basket? You can add whatever you'd like to the jar, but I especially like the cozy socks and the trendy teething necklace for the new mom to wear!

Ultimate New Mom Gift Basket

This gift basket has some great new mom gift ideas that I haven't seen other places!

I especially like the dry shampoo (because new moms sometimes have more important things to do than wash & style hair), magazine, and my favorite idea - gift cards to restaurants that deliver!

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