Homemade Handprint Gifts for Grandma

There’s nothing quite as sweet as holding hands with your child or grandchild. Mom or Grandma will treasure these delightful homemade handprint gifts long after the kiddos have become teenagers, or even adults!

Heart Full of Love Handprint Canvas

A heart filled with her grandkid’s handprints, surrounded by a sweet saying. What could be more precious to Grandma?  And it just takes a few minutes to make!

Mother and Child Handprint Artwork

This sweet homemade canvas features the handprints of both grandchild and child – which will make it even more precious to Grandma.  And Grandma will feel wonderful every time she reads the sentimental quote.

“You Hold My Heart” Handprint Canvas

This colorful handprint canvas is a darling way to remind Grandma how much she’s loved by her grandchildren!  Don’t you just love the little hearts scattered throughout?

Love From Little Hands and Feet

This rustic wood sign is a stylish way to preserve those little hand and footprints…and you can be sure that it will take the place of honor on Grandma’s shelves or display area!

Helping Hands Apron

Cute and practical (although I’m not sure that Grandma will want to risk getting it dirty), this fun handprint apron is a wonderful choice for the Grandma who enjoys cooking with the kiddos.  Unfortunately, there are no directions, but it looks pretty straightforward.

Helping Hands Oven Mitt

Another inexpensive and easy homemade handprint craft that Grandma will love!  I like how they added the year to the thumb area.  I’ve also seen this where they draw a flower stem and leaves from the handprint to create a flower – cute!

Handprint Snowman Ornament

The child who’s learning to draw will enjoy making a handprint snowman Christmas ornament for Grandma.  Or Mom or Dad could always fill in the details on the snowman.  This would be a fun family tradition to see how much the handprints (and artistic ability) changes over the years!

You Are My Sunshine Footprint Art


Grandma will want to hang this bright and cheerful footprint canvas where she can see it every day!  Bonus points if you teach the kids to sing the song to Grandma as well!

Ceramic Plate Handprint Garden

Grandma will be proud to show off this colorful ceramic plate that features a garden of her grandchildren’s handprints!

Handprint Tulip Hand Towels

If you’re looking for an easy but adorable practical gift for Grandma, these cute tulip handprint hand towels are perfect!  These towels also preserve the grandchild’s handwriting – click to read the directions on how to make this project.

Handprint Christmas Tree Skirt

What a fabulous family tradition to start!  Each year have the grandchildren add their handprints to the Christmas skirt…I’m sure this will become one of Grandma’s favorite Christmas gifts ever.  There were no directions, but I think it’s easy to figure out.